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Highly Qualified Specialists

Infertility is an upcoming field, which requires training after specializing in gynecology. In our center, our expert, Dr Shilpa Bhandari is one of the first reproductive medical specialists of the country having done DM in reproductive medicine.

Infertility treatment also requires equal input from the embryologist. Our center has one of the senior most embryologist of the state who is not only technologically trained and qualified but also available 24*7.

All the ancillary staff in our centre – nurses, patient co coordinators and paramedical workers are specially trained to deal with infertility patients.As a part of super specialty hospital, we have the entire specialist – physiotherapist, dietician, physician, surgeon, urologist etc. in the same premise.

This team is available for all our patients round the clock and is committed towards excellence. The team understands that each patient is unique and has specific requirements. For us each patient holds a special importance and thus deserves the utmost of our care.

We understand that dealing with infertility is as difficult as undergoing infertility treatment. Therefore, we have dedicated counselors and psychologist to help the patient deal with stress, depression and anxiety. We also hold dedicated counselling and support group meetings where patients help each other by sharing their journeys.

Latest Equipments

Reproductive medicine and surgery, as a science was born in the era of technological advancement. This branch is highly dependent on the availability and use of advanced technologies. From ICSI to USG, from semen analysis to medicines, from laparoscopy to fetal medicine, the results we deliver depend on the machines that we use. Our Center understands this aspect and therefore we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments.

Our operating room is one of the very few countries (if not the only one) to have HD, 3 D, 4 K and robotic systems in the same complex. We have the best of surgical instruments to do the most difficult of cases and yet give best of the results.

Our IVF lab has class systems in place so that the ambient air and environment is free of any contamination. Our micromanipulators, LASERS and air-handling units are periodically upgraded.

It is not enough to have the best of equipment’s. Man behind the machine needs to know how to make the maximum out of it. To address this aspect, all our clinicians and embryologists keep themselves of the latest developments by participating actively in national and international conferences, trainings and research meetings.

High Success Rate

The first step of success is to try. Our center has been trying to make the dream of pregnancy come true for all our patients. It is with pride that we claim to have a much higher than average success rate in our facilities.

Success in IVF is multifactorial it depends on age of women, the quality of eggs and sperms, problems of the uterus, duration of infertility, etc. Apart from these patient factors, success also lies in the quality of care delivered by the center. In our center we take utmost precaution that the treatment that we deliver are scientific, authentic, unbiased and most important of all, at par with international standard of care.

Over the years delivering pregnancies has helped us develop a reputation of being able to bring happiness in the most dismal of cases. This has led to a rise in patients who have already failed in other countries, many times, coming to us. On an average most closer to 30% of our patients are those who have failed elsewhere. This has helped us learn from failed cases and make sure that our own patients done have to suffer similar outcomes. We have developed special tailor made treatments for patient who have failed IVF and consequently have been able to give pregnancies in such cases too.

Cost Effective Treatment

IVF and other infertility treatment are generally costlier treatments. However, this center was never developed with the idea to earn profit. The primary aim of our center is to do good work at reasonable cost. The treatment packages at our center are transparent, all inclusive and reasonably priced. When comparing the cost of any treatment at our center with any other delivering the same standard of care – we stand out to be the best.

Low cost at Mohak does not mean low quality. On the contrary money and facilities spent by the center per patient is probably one of the highest in the country. So the question arises – how are we able to deliver the best of treatment at such low costs? The answer is simple – the money paid by the patient goes to the treatment of that patient rather than the pockets of management. All our staff members are highly paid and have no hidden financial motivation to encourage or discourage any particular treatment. Our aim here is to create a facility where the treatment offered is honest, cost effective and of highest standard.

Single Stop Solutions

Mohak IVF center is a part of a greater health care facility. What is essentially means that once you come to this hospital for treatment of infertility, we can cater to all your needs under our roof. This saves time, effort and money for our patients. One of the other advantages of a single center treatment is that there is no difference in opinion, doubts regarding authenticity of test results and therefore a much-streamlined process.

Infertility treatment may not be restricted to medical therapy in all cases. Sometimes a patient may require surgery as a solution to her infertility or as part of a treatment plan. In many centers across the country, clinicians are restricted in their practice. Some either only do IUI/IVF whereas others are only into laparoscopic surgeries. In such cases a patient is either limited by the specialty of his/her clinician or may have to under part of treatment elsewhere.

Our clinician, Dr Shilpa Bhandari has specialized in both medical as well as surgical management of infertility. Therefore, if you need a surgery – you don’t have to go to any other hospital nor do we have to call someone other doctor to operate. If after surgery, you need medical treatment, then there fact that you have been operated upon by the same doctor helps to plan proper treatment.

Failure Analysis And Recovery

Failure is one of the harsher realities of life as it is of infertility treatments. No matter how great the treatment plan is, sometimes it just does not work. One of the major reasons why the patient is hesitant to put all their hopes and dreams and savings into IVF is that it may very well fail. Even though is it not possible for any center or doctor to guarantee a pregnancy or eliminate failure in their practice, we at Mohak dedicate ourselves a little more towards such failed cases

At our center, our clinician and embryologist have a regular joint brainstorming session where all failed cases are rigorously evaluated to identify what could be done differently next time. We do this not only for those who have been unable to conceive with us, but also those who have failed outside.

It is our most sincere attempt to come up with a concert solution to tackle failed cycles and this is reflected in our higher success rates in previously failed cases.Our transparent, no – nonsense approach and economical packages make us one of the top choices for those who have been disappointed in other countries.

Facilities At A Glance

2. IVF
3. Egg donation
4. Sperm donation
5. Laser hatching
6. Blastocyst culture
8. Vitrification – oocyte, sperm, embryo
9. Ultra clean lab
10. Embryo biopsy
11. Fetal medicine consultation
12. Andrology consultation
13. Endocrinology consultation
14. Weight loss solutions
15. Diagnostic hysteron and laparoscopy
16. Operative hysteron and laparoscopy
17. OR 1 with 3 D, HD and 4K systems
18. Robotic operating room
19. Accommodation facility for long term stay

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