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Fertility preservation

Egg freezing

Egg freezing, which is also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method that is used to preserve reproductive potential in women.
Eggs are usually harvested from the ovaries, frozen unfertilized and stored for using later. A frozen egg can be thawed, combined with a sperm in a lab and implanted in the uterus.
It is a general process in which a woman’s egg (oocytes) is extracted, frozen and stored as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age. This type of method results into enhanced gamete survival, potential fertilization and live birth rates allow women a much greater degree of autonomy. This is indeed a process that offers an individual with the chance to have a successful and caring pregnancy without facing much hassle.

Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing is usually the process of collecting, analyzing, freezing and storing a man’s sperm. The samples are usually used for fertility treatments or at times donated to various other couples or individuals, including same sex female partners. It is also popularly known as sperm banking.
The cryopreservation process involves:
• Routine screening for infection if any.
• Providing a semen sample or undergoing a sperm extraction.
• Lab analysis of sperm quantity and quality.
• Freezing of viable sperm.
The sperm from men is typically collected through masturbation. A man can choose to collect his sample at home or in our clinic, but should only use an approved, sterile lubricant that maintains the quality. Once the sample is provided, it is tested for sperm quantity, shape and movement within each specimen. If sperm are not present in the sample or if an individual is unable to ejaculate, then there are surgeries that can be performed.
The main motive of storing or freezing sperms is to use it later and allow a couple to have a chance of getting the feeling of parenthood. The specimens should be kept properly so that it can be used later on as well.

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