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About Our Centre


Mohak laparoscopy and infertility center is a part of a multispecialty advanced care facility located in the heart of India – Indore. Our center was established in 2010 as a part of an effort to provide much need quality infertility care at an affordable cost. Mohak Laparoscopy Hospitals and infertility center is one of the most highly respected and well-established fertility clinics in India, with a patient population that is local, national and international. The physicians and the professional staff of Mohak Laparoscopy Hospitals and infertility center are proud to offer IVF, andrology, embryology, assisted reproductive technology and IVF financing at our fertility center.
Mohak IVF Center, one of the Best Infertility Hospitals in Indore, india provides you International Standard Infertility Treatment along with assisted reproductive technologies like IUI, IVF, ICSI ,etc at affordable IVF treatment / Test tube Baby Treatment cost along with the satisfaction of being consulted by the most renowned IVF specialist/ Doctor in Indore ,M.P. Come join best centre for IVF treatment in indore in our voyage towards better healthcare facilities for infertile couples and experience the Best Infertility Treatment in Indore.

What makes us special?


Fertility professionals are physicians who have pursued additional education for the medical or surgical remedy for infertility. Fertility experts dedicate all or a completely massive percent of their exercise to treating infertility. Our center boasts to have one of the first reproductive medical specialists of India as a full time consultant. Dr Shilpa Bhandari has done her super specialization (DM) in reproductive medicine and oversees the entire treatment cycle of each patient who walks into the clinic.

The team of care providers at Mohak is qualified, dedicated personnel who have worked with us since the day of inception. This makes the center unique because to most of us this is a home and we extend the same level of comfort and warmth to all our patients.

Similarly, due to the fact your treatment is based on your physiological needs, not a workplace timetable, our fertility specialists and a group of workers are available seven days every week and are committed to the time- and exertions-intensive nature of the fertility treatment regimen. This form of dedication is a necessity for the correct guide of your desires and the finest warranty of a successful outcome.

Excellence in care

Infertility management is a long and arduous path. There are many ups and down many failures and successes. It has been our privilege to deliver more success stories and good news to our patients that most centers. We strive to ensure that everyone who walks in our center goes home with a smile on face and a baby in arms. We are very proud of the thousands of successes Mohak Laparoscopy Hospitals and infertility center has celebrated with our patients over the years.Thanks to our team ,our state-of-the-art technology, our world-class ART labs, and our patient-centered approach, it has been our privilege to help all of these families achieve their cherished dream of bringing home a baby.


Each person who works in the clinic has been specially trained to understand infertility not only from the point of view of a medical personnel, but also from the point of a patient so we provide you with utmost professional care with a personal touch. We understand what a patient goes through when trying to start a family. Here at Mohak you don’t have to rush through to make way for the next person. This center provides you an opportunity to describe, discuss and understand the treatment.

At Mohak Laparoscopy Hospitals and infertility center, our commitment to seeing every patient as a unique individual is central to our success. You are not a statistic. From the very beginning of each diagnostic consultation, we will work closely with you to create an individual treatment plan designed to give you your best chance of success.


One of the most important things in medical practice is to anticipate when things can go wrong and this comes from experience. As most of the team has experience of working together in the field of infertility for more than 10 years, we can make sure that you receive the utmost care that you deserve.


Infertility management is a technology-based solution. We have one of the finest classes A IVF lab. No expenses are spared when it comes to maintaining air quality, which in turn reflects on the outcome of our IVF cycles. We have the best of equipments which are maintained and upgraded regularly to ensure that the treatments provided are always at par with international standards.

Evidence Based Treatments

A man without data is just a man with a voice. Here when we initiate any treatment, it is always an after and expertise dialogue with the couple and with adequate logic and evidence from research from all over the world. Therefore, during your treatment as a patient not only will you be actively involved in the same, but will also know at all times what is going on and why?


Our center was established by doctors who started their practice in the one of the poor areas of Indore. Having catered to patients from lower socio economical for more than 30 years. We understand the financial implications of infertility treatments and the strain that it puts onto the pockets of patients. Therefore, it has been our sincere endeavor to provide the most economically effective care for our patients without considering our personal profits.


Do you want to move to 10 different locations for 1 treatment? No one does. Therefore, we provide one-stop solutions for all your infertility related problems. From laparoscopy to sonography, from blood tests to IVF – we will take care of your needs all the time at one place only.


Despite the best of effort sometimes patients don’t get what they deserve in terms of result. We at Mohak have had the honor to take care of patients who have had multiple failed in the past and we still have been able to give them good results. We take extra time to look for small reasons of failure and improves on them. Though few, we go an extra mile for patients who did not conceive with us in their first attempt and provide concessional therapy for their next cycle.

About Our Centre


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Dr. Shilpa Bhandari
Dr. Shilpa Bhandari​

Dr Shilpa Bhandari is one of the first reproductive medicine specialist of this country. She has not only been a pioneering force in development of an MCI recognised DM/ McH reproductive medicine curriculum but has also procured this prestigious super specialisation by 3 years of extensive training in this field

Dr Shilpa Bhandari has always been a meritorious student. She was first in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh in her 12th examinations.
She got selected in her favoured field of medicine in first go and pursued her MBBS education through scholarship. In her first year MBBS itself she was awarded 1 lakh rupees scholarship for securing maximum marks as well as distinction in all subjects. Throughout her 5 years of MBBS she excelled in her studies and secured gold medals in almost all subjects.

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