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Common Myths Regarding Test Tube Baby

There are some couples that after many years of trying are not able to have a child. Generally if a couple has been trying for some for more than one year but has not conceived it is considered as infertility or subfertility. The treatment of infertility can be medical surgical or advanced, the last one is called assisted reproduction or test tube baby. In cases where medical treatment has failed, where tubes are blocked, when female has no egg, when husband has no sperms in semen et cetera then too test tube baby is advised. This is also a medical treatment only. In this the eggs of the female and the sperm of the male is made to fuse in the laboratory or in a test you rather than in the female’s body. The fusion of eggs and sperm makes an embryo. The beginning of a baby. Thisembryo, which is formed in the laboratory, is again put back in the female’s uterus to grow further. If the embryo sticks to the uterus then the woman gets pregnant and if all goes well then she delivers the baby like in any other case.

Common myths regarding test tube baby

Babyborn after test tube baby issomeone else’s

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. The test tube baby is at time is done when females eggs are not present or husbands sperms are not present. In some such cases eggs or sperms are taken from Donor banks but all this is done with full knowledge of the couple.No IVF center/doctor will be interested in changing eggs or sperms without the couples knowledge because it changes the cost of the treatment. Sperms or eggs are not available free of cost.In most cases eggs and sperms are of the patient only.

Test tube baby guarantees a baby

No treatment can guarantee of success.Even when we take a simple painkiller it may not relieve the pain.Similarly even when everything looks normal test tube baby may fail to produce a pregnancy.Sometimes the doctor was able to identify possible causes of reduced success rate either before or during the treatment like advanced age of mother thin lining of the uterus presence of fluid in tubes poor qualityeggs sperm or embryo etc. in many cases such apparent causes may not be present.One-time failure should not be the end of the treatment.

Babies of IVF are not normal

If there is no apparent problem with egg and sperm then IVF in itself does not increase the risk of abnormality in the baby but what is important to remember is that IVF at timessurpasses or breaks natural filters like advanced age of mother or very poor are sperms of father.In such cases the couple is otherwise also at high risk of developingabnormalities as the eggs and sperms are in it most likely to beabnormal.Sometimes the female may have associated abnormalities like diabetes, which may increase abnormalities in pregnancy.But at the end of the day fear of abnormality should not be a reason of not wanting a child.

IVF pregnancy only delivers by cesarean

How a baby will deliver depend on circumstances at the time of delivery rather than how the baby has been conceived .if there are no reasons which increase the risk the well-being of the baby or the mother then it is very much possible to try for a vaginal delivery.

The female needs bed rest for nine months after IVF

The result of an IVF treatment does not depend on how much rest the patient has taken.Even if patient gets pregnant and if everything is normal there is no need for bed rest.In fact an absolute bed restin pregnancy may be harmful for the patient.In some cases during pregnancy rest may be advised but this is not for all patients in all cases.


Test tube baby does not guarantee a pregnancy but it is one of the most successful treatment options for patients who have tried almost everything else

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