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Does obesity have detrimental effects on IVF treatment outcome?

Journal name – BMC women’s health
Year of publication 2015
Citation – Ozekinci, M., Seven, A., Olgan, S., Sakinci, M., Keskin, U., Akar, M. E., … & Ergun, A. (2015). Does obesity have detrimental effects on IVF treatment outcomes?. BMC women’s health, 15(1), 61.

This is a retrospective cohort study. This means that the researchers looked at a group of women who had undergone treatment at their centre in past and studied their different aspects to draw statistical conclusions.

This study looked at 298 women younger than 38 years who had undergone IVF. All these women were divided as per their weight into 3 categories and the result of their treatment was evaluated accordingly.

What this study found out was

• Women with higher weight needed more injections and for longer period of time

• There was no significant difference between overweight women and normal weight women in terms of number of eggs retrieved, number of embryos formed, as well as clinical pregnancy rates.

• Obese / overweight women had been trying for a much longer time – longer duration of infertility

What other studies show

So to summarise
If you are seeking treatment to get pregnant it is better to do it earlier than later. If there is no apparent problem then in a young female, trying for some time often produces result.

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