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Fallopian Tube And Its Function

A slender tube via which eggs finds its way from an ovary to the uterus is known as a Fallopian tube. In the female reproductive tract, there is one ovary and one fallopian tube on each side of the uterus.

Cilia are the small hair-like projections found on the cells of the lining of the Fallopian tube. For the movement of the egg through the channel (tube) into the uterus, these tubal cilia are important. In case, because of some infection, the tubal cilia are damaged, the egg might stay in the tube instead of getting ‘pushed along’ normally.

Infection can also lead to partial or complete blockage of the tube with scab tissue, actually stopping the egg from getting inside the uterus.

The chance of an ectopic pregnancy where the pregnancy develops inside the Fallopian tube or somewhere else in the abnormal location outside the uterus increases with any growth (like an infection, tumours, endometriosis, or scar tissue in the pelvic adhesions (pelvis) that lead to chinking or twisting of the tube) which rupture the Fallopian tube or shrink its diameter.

The Fallopian tube, also known as the uterine tube is meant to carry an egg to uterus from the ovary. Normally a woman has two uterine tubes in her body, unless a surgery, biological abnormality or ectopic pregnancy lead to the loss of one tube.

The ampulla is a part of Fallopian tube usually where an egg gets fertilized by male sperm. Then the derived fertilized egg develops into blastocyst and gets into the uterus where it remains developing until birth.

It is seen in some women who suffer from an ectopic or tubal pregnancy that keeps their Fallopian tube and their lives as well in trouble. When a fertilized egg stays in the tube instead of moving to the uterus, it results in Ectopic pregnancy. A surgery that terminates the pregnancy is performed in order to treat it.

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