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How is Female Infertility treated using IVF?

Female Infertility :
It has been observed in a study that about 10-15% of couples face problems with conception. There is a range of causes which affect fertility in women as well as men. Those couples who might be getting no result even after making attempts to have a baby may be keen on seeking IVF treatments. Located in the heart of India – Indore and established in the year of 2010, Mohak IVF is known for its excellence for making unfertile women successfully produce babies.

What is IVF technology?:
Usually known by its short name IVF, In Vitro Fertilization is a new age assisted reproductive technology. This technology involves the extraction of eggs and retrieving a sperm sample, thereafter integration of an and sperm is done manually in a laboratory dish. The formed embryo(s) is then moved into the uterus.

How is Female Infertility treated using IVF? :
IVF treatment procedure provides treatments for couples who can not have a biological child for more than a year (12 months). It helps anyone who has already gone through several options of effectless fertility treatment, or maybe in the case of the Fallopian tube congestion or may be low sperm quality, like initial treatment – both can be treated only by IVF.
Infertility is a problem for women who are unable to conceive after 12 months of pregnancy. It is quite common, about 15% of the pairs are facing problems in conceiving even after making attempts. Fertility problems can occur both in men as well as women and in some cases.
In Vitro Fertilization or in vitro fertilization, the option is in a comprehensive clinical process in which the eggs and sperm are obtained and then fertilized manually in the laboratory and then restored in the uterus. For the pairs who failed to conceive naturally, of course, the ultimate goal of the IVF process is the result of a healthy full pregnancy.


What Causes Female Infertility? :


Cervical issues : Due to certain conditions that prevent sperm from going through the cervical canal.

Damage to your fallopian tubes : These structures take eggs from your ovaries, which produce eggs, in a uterus where the child develops. In the case of scars after pelvic inflammation, endometriosis and pelvic surgery, they may be damaged. Which can stop sperm from reaching the egg?

Uterine trouble : You may have polyps and fibroids that interfere with pregnancy. Inflammation of the uterus and fibroids occurs when multiple cells grow in the endometrium, reaching the uterus. Other uterine deficiencies can be disturbances.

Uterine trouble: You may have polyps and fibroids that interfere with pregnancy. Inflammation of the uterus and fibroids occurs when multiple cells grow in the endometrium, reaching the uterus. Other uterine deficiencies can be disturbances.

Hormonal problems : You can not be pregnant because your body does not pass through normal hormonal changes, which leads to the release of an egg from the ovary and to the thickening of the endometrium.

“Unexplained” infertility.: This is something which affects about 20% of couples where the exact reasons behind pregnancy are never seen.

Female Infertility Treatments: Most women in their mid-30s or onwards wanting to have a baby might experience issues since their eggs start to fall as they are of lower quality. Ecological elements such as smoking cigarettes, excess weight, sexual background and also alcoholic beverages are usually very high-risk elements that have an effect on Female Infertility Treatments. Unexplained infertility is an event that accounts for 15% of all non-regular participants which can be seen in all the important researches, without diagnosing the doctor due to the lack of experience of the children.

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