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IVF- The positive way to enjoy motherhood

In-vitro fertilization or IVF was previously done to treat women with tubal diseases. However, now a days, this type of treatment can also help couples to overcome various barriers in their personal life, like that of having problem in conceiving. For some diagnoses or conditions, such as tubal factor, IVF may be the first-line treatment. Although there are various areas where the in-vitro treatment can be taken assistance of. It is usually the process of fertilization by extracting the eggs, retrieving the sample of the sperm, and then manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish. The embryo is then carefully transferred to the uterus just to get it matured. Here are some other points when an individual can take the decision of undergoing such treatment:

• Low sperm count
• Problems with due to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome
• Problems with the fallopian tubes
• If either of you have been sterilized

In this process, fertility medications are used to stimulate the production and the growth of the eggs. A women who is having problem in conceiving or is going through continuous mis-carriages can have a proper checkup and opt for the process of IVF.
The first step in IVF is undergoing proper fertility medications for several months just to help the ovaries produce several eggs that are indeed mature and ready for fertilization. This is called ovulation induction in a scientific term. An individual may need to take regular ultrasounds or go through blood tests just to measure the hormone levels and keep track of the egg production.

Once the ovaries have produced enough mature eggs, the doctor removes the eggs from the patient’s body (this is called egg retrieval). Egg retrieval is a kind of minor surgical procedure that’s done at a fertility clinic.
The success rate of IVF usually depends on a number of factors starting from the reproductive history, maternal age, the cause of infertility, and lifestyle factors. However, the professionals can easily carry out the task without making the patient suffer or worry much. A lady who is undergoing such treatment should stay in proper medication and also get the right care and attention from their near and dear ones so that the process can prove to be a success and easy of the one. Therefore, if an individual is willing to have a baby of one’s own but is not able to conceive easily, can opt for the IVF treatment and get the things done right and bring happiness back in one’s life.

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