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Reasons behind many Infertile Couples avoid IVF Treatment

In general terms, “Infertility” can be defined as a lack of pregnancy or no pregnancy after a year of intercourse without protection or using any kind of contraceptives.

It is seen that infertility is considered a major social and family issue and is estimated to be between 10 and 15 per cent. According to premeditated studies, about 10 to 14% of Indian couples are facing Infertility problems. Fertility is considered to be very important in most of the cultures and also seen as a symbol of women’s power, pride and identity. This is why humans have the desire to have a child.

The birth of a child can strengthen the root of a family, raise the emotional needs of individuals and ultimately lead to the rejuvenation and continuation of the generation, and infertility is a fact that is inappropriate with all these cases. Therefore, in a list of 86 stressful events of life, infertility is considered one of the most unfavourable events, which amounts to a baby or spouse death. Patients not only lose the purpose of their life but also lose the meaning of the intermediate relationships between them once they are deprived of the most important product of their common life.

Intimate affinity and affection will be lost in situations where pairs need more than anything else. The worry of revealing this issue to her husband and fear of catastrophe and the downfall of family life is the first horrors that force a woman to act in such a way that will abandon the stagnation of treatment.

The adoration for turning into a mother as well as patriarchal beliefs for surviving and continuing the generation, an absence of social and monetary help for most ladies, low rate of remarriage for a infertile lady and on the other hand, accusing single life in Indian culture, are among the variables which increase the issues brought about by infertility for ladies. Luckily, today, with the innovation in technology, over 90% of diagnosed infertility cases succeed and accessible proof demonstrates that fewer individuals will be denied of having a kid.

Other’s opinion and experience influence all of us and the times we make our own decisions on that basis. Potential IVF patients are also from among us and even they get influenced by the people around.

Many infertile couples come in touch with someone who had a bad experience of IVF treatment in the past. They share their horror stories with the potential IVF patients and discourage them from opting for it. They even scare them by saying that it’s quite expensive and eventually deviate them apart.

Unfortunately, many doctors are unable to care for their patients in the way they deserve, and this leads to the failure of the treatment or to the detriment of the couples from pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to look for a good and experienced In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) physician having an assiduously successful record of IVF treatments to help exploit the benefits of in vitro fertilization treatments, rather than having a terrible effect on a patient who is not just preventing them from trying again. This will also haunt their friends and family who may have couples who need IVF like treatment.

It is seen that most of the men feel that it is an insult to their capabilities of impregnating their spouses and refuse to accept that they require any treatment and hence try to avoid IVF treatment.

Couples who are infertile or couples unable to conceive must get counseled under the guidance of a well reputed as well as trustworthy IVF specialist in indore, other than getting knowledge through the internet and other sources, to positively transform their views about this magical treatment method that can help them avail the happiness of parenthood, instead of prejudging the treatment as heard by the experiences of others, suggests Mohak IVF.Mohak IVF Center, one of the Best Infertility Hospitals in Indore, india provides you International Standard Infertility Treatment along with assisted reproductive technologies like IUI, IVF, ICSI ,etc at affordable IVF treatment / Test tube Baby Treatment cost along with the satisfaction of being consulted by the most renowned IVF specialist/ Doctor in Indore ,M.P. Come join best centre for IVF treatment in indore in our voyage towards better healthcare facilities for infertile couples and experience the Best Infertility Treatment in Indore.

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