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Mohak laparoscopy and infertility centre is focused on the complete health care of females. Here we look after not just problems related to infertility but also other gynaecological issues

Every day we have females coming to us with problems related to heavy bleeding, cysts, fibroids, discharge etc. wherever possible we try to manage them medically. One of the very important and unique features of our centre is absence of unnecessary treatment and investigations. We treat only when it is required and essential. If however medical treatment does not work and the case requires surgery, then we offer one of the best surgical facilities of the country.

In Mohak all our surgeries are primarily done laparoscopically. We have different laparoscopic systems like 2D, 3 D, 4 K and robotic. Depending on the package and patients wishes he/ she can choose any one modality

What are 3 D and4 K systems?

Laparoscopy means looking inside the abdomen using special telescope. Apart from surgeon’s skill, quality of cameras is the most important determinant of the surgery. The better your visualisation, the better you can identify the disease and the better you can operate upon it. Previously the cameras in use were single chip camera but now we have come into the era of digital HD imaging. This forms the basis of all our imaging systems. However a laparoscope and the monitor on which the image is transmitted, converts a real 3 dimensions structure of organs into 2 dimension pictures. This is the reason why it is difficult to do laparoscopy in comparison to open surgery.

In Mohak we have the most advanced 3 D camera system, which provides a 3 dimensions picture on the monitor as well. This helps the surgeon to assess the organs better and makes surgeries easier.

What re the common surgeries done
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

This is one of the most common operations performed in females. In this surgery uterus is completely removed. The reason for this surgery may be related to excessive bleeding, cervical problems, fibroids etc.

Laparoscopic hysterectomy offers patient the advantages of minimal pain, early discharge and less infection rates. The patient can resume her daily routine immediately after discharge. Here in Mohak we excel at difficult hysterectomies like those who have undergone multiple surgeries before or those who are very obese.

Laparoscopic myomectomy

Sometimes there is a large tumour in the uterus but the female due to her age and/or need for pregnancy, wants to preserve the uterus. In such cases only the fibroid can be removed. Again we have been fortunate enough o have operated more than a thousand fibroids with hardly any complication till date. We have removed fibroids as larger as a football and as many as 25 in a single patient

Overaian Cystectomy

Women often develop cysts in their ovaries in course of their lives. Most of these cysts will resolve over time on their own. In cases of certain cysts, which are unlikely to resolve (dermoid cysts), cysts of suspicious nature or very large cyst – surgery is warranted.

Here ta Mohak we do all such surgeries laparoscopically. For such surgeries we use especially designed plastic bag to avoid spillage of any tissue in the abdomen. As and when required we are also prepared to get a frozen section so that we know before the surgery is over if the disease is malignant. We also have the special privilege of seeking an intra operative opinion of cancer surgeons, GI surgeons if need be without any hassle for the patient or the relatives.

Vault Prolapse Surgery

In some women after hysterectomy, the lower part of the body – vagina, part of bladder hangs out. At times this may cause problems with passing urine or may simply be an inconvenience to the patient. This is called as pelvic organ prolapse. Now a day this is treated in the same lines as hernia. So we use mesh for the repair of the tissue that has gone weak and pull the entire tissue back in. the surgery is not only cosmetically rewarding but has much lesser chances of recurrence

Endometriosis Surgery

Endometriosis is one of the most vexing and difficult diseases to cure. When it is impossible to manage it via medicines patient need surgery. Endometriosis surgery is not a surgery for an inexperienced surgeon. It not only requires extraordinary surgical expertise but also a multidisciplinary approach.

At Mohak we do more than a thousand endometriosis related procedures an year because it is something that is very closely linked with infertility. We have the advantage of requesting the presence of intestinal surgeons; uro surgeons in the operation if the need arise. Though we are yet to see any surgical complications in our patients, we are always prepared so that at the end of the day we are able to tackle this aggressive disease with equal aggression when needed.


Absence of uterus at times is coupled with absence of vagina as well. Such young women present with absence of periods. The main priority with these girls is to ensure a fully functional vagina so that they can resume their sexual lives upon marriage or at later date. At Mohak we have mastered the art of laparoscopic vaginoplasty and have had great results so far. Though technically challenging process, with good pre operative counselling and postoperative support we have been able to create happy homes for these girls

Tubal Recanalisation

Tubal sterilization is essentially permanent procedure. But at times in life a women wishes to reverse her decision and bear children again. Like any other plastic surgery recanalization is an art. Doing it laparoscopically is even more difficult.

Thanks to the extraordinary imaging system and operating room facilities, we have done many successful recanalisations so far. The surgery takes just a 24 hr. hospital stay and has very little post operative problems

Hysteroscopic Surgeries

Not all uterine problems need to be dealt with by removing the uterus itself. At time hysteroscopic correction of pathologies is possible. Hysteroscopy can also be used to diagnose cause of problems like heavy bleeding, take biopsy of suspicious growths and put medicinal devices like LNG in the same sitting. Hysteroscopy is a day care procedure in most cases requiring a couple of hour’s admission and has very less likelihood of complications.

At Mohak we offer all hysteroscopic diagnostic and therapeutic options in the single sitting.

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